Pueblo Mechanical and Modigent Drive Historic Success in Music Education with Lead Guitar

2023 Campaign Surpasses Goals, Raising Nearly $45,000 to Empower 7,500 Students with Music Education

PHOENIX/EINWire/ — Pueblo Mechanical, a Modigent company, announced the success of its 2023 End-of-Year Giving Match Campaign in support of Lead Guitar. c

Surpassing the initial fundraising goal of $12,000 with an actual raise of $19,860, and combined with the additional $25,000 contribution matched by Modigent, $44,860 was raised. This triumphant campaign enabled Lead Guitar to extend its music education programs to over 7,500 children in underserved communities, who previously had no access to such opportunities. It marked a historic milestone in the partnership’s effort to empower youth through music, and signified a monumental step towards achieving the non-profit’s mission of using music education as a tool to improve academic performance, focus and life skills among youth.

“These efforts not only enhance students’ artistic skills but also foster critical life-long benefits such as improved grades, attendance and behavior.”

Brad Richter, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Lead Guitar, expressed gratitude towards the employees of Pueblo and Modigent for their generosity. “The impact of this campaign is far-reaching, allowing us to share the joy and discipline of music with thousands of children,” Richter said. “These efforts not only enhance students’ artistic skills but also foster critical life-long benefits such as improved grades, attendance and behavior.”

Since 2016, Pueblo’s partnership with Lead Guitar has raised over $126,000, making a difference for thousands of students across Phoenix schools. The 2023 campaign alone set a new precedent, showcasing the powerful effect of community and corporate collaboration in support of educational and artistic development.

“This year’s campaign success is a testament to the shared vision and commitment of Pueblo, Modigent and Lead Guitar towards making a lasting difference in the lives of young people,” added Daniel Bueschel, CEO of Modigent. “We are proud to support Lead Guitar’s mission and look forward to furthering our impact in the future.”

The success of this campaign sets the stage for continued support of Lead Guitar and its mission. The collaboration underscores Modigent’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing valuable life skills through music education, ensuring a bright future for many more children in underserved communities.

For more information about Lead Guitar and how to support its mission, visit LeadGuitar.org.

To learn more about Modigent visit www.modigent.com.

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