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Growth Mode. Innovation that impacts communities nationwide.

Modigent and their affiliated operating companies (including Pueblo in Arizona), provide next-generation infrastructure, technology and energy solutions, driving innovation and growth nationwide. With a portfolio of specialized brands, each a strong player in the HVAC, plumbing and controls systems industry, Modigent operates across key markets in the U.S.

In 2024, Modigent’s continued focus is on the growth of the company through strategic acquisitions as well as organic growth of its affiliated operating companies.

“Attracting talent and providing innovative professional development opportunities will ensure Modigent is successfully positioned as the employer of choice in our industry,” says Dan Bueschel, chief executive officer at Modigent.

When the company launched five years ago, Modigent was a $50 million company; this year it has eclipsed $500 million in revenue.

“This demonstrates our significant growth trajectory,” Bueschel says, “including the acquisition of 17 local ‘operating companies’ in high-growth markets from coast to coast. We’re actively looking for new strategic partnerships in order to continue expanding our footprint and delivering the highest quality of service to our clients and the communities we serve.”

Modigent also maintains a commitment to its company culture and cultivating a positive workplace, launching innovative new professional development and training programs for every level of its team. And with Modigent’s coast-to-coast presence, the company is able to offer transfers and upward mobility within its network.

Bueschel shares regularly that culture is the most important thing that he thinks about in his role. “By taking a ‘people and the culture first’ approach to our company, we strive to make Modigent a place where our people say, ‘This is the best job that I’ve ever had,” he says.

The team at Modigent are leading providers in next-generation infrastructure, technology and energy solutions for the buildings industry. Pueblo, guided by the same culture of service, collaboration and integrity, continues its commitment to excellence and strives to make a positive impact in the community through various social responsibility initiatives.

As a family of specialized brands that deliver advanced infrastructure, technology and energy solutions, Modigent serves key markets across the United States. Our people-centric approach is matched only by our dedication to improving the communities we serve. By empowering team members across our enterprise, we’re regularly attracting more companies to join Modigent. The new markets we enter benefit from our collective resources and sustainable solutions, which create safer workspaces and enrich lives.

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