Modigent Champions Women in Construction

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, — Modigent, LLC, a pioneer in infrastructure, technology and energy solutions, is showing its support for women in the industry by proudly sponsoring the National Association of Women in Construction’s (NAWIC) 26th Annual Women in Construction Week.

“As a member of Modigent’s leadership team, I see firsthand the power of inclusivity. Our sponsorship of Women in Construction Week is not just symbolic—it is a commitment to ensuring women are fundamental to our success. This is how we continue to evolve as an industry: by making a conscious effort to ensure women are in every room, at every level,” said Ashley Welvaert, Chief Legal Officer.


“Our sponsorship of Women in Construction Week is not just symbolic—it is a commitment to ensuring women are fundamental to our success.”

— Ashley Welvaert, Modigent Chief Legal Officer


As part of its ongoing commitment, Modigent will feature the stories of women working in the company’s regions across the country to share their achievements, insights and the impacts of their work.

Kyle Levengood, Regional President, added: “Modigent is not just a sponsor for Women in Construction Week; we are active advocates for women’s pivotal contributions across every layer of our organization. Our commitment transcends traditional support, embedding inclusivity into our core operations and culture. By driving meaningful discussions and launching targeted initiatives, we’re paving the way for the next generation of female leaders in construction. This is a reflection of our deep-seated belief, evidenced across our operations, that empowering women is key to industry innovation and growth.”

Women make up approximately 15% of the leadership roles at Modigent and about 12% of the overall company workforce. According to NAWIC, women make up about 9.9% of the construction industry in the United States and projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show the industry is expected to grow 4% overall by 2032, creating more opportunities for women to build a career in construction.

NAWIC began Women in Construction Week in 1998 to celebrate and uplift women in the construction industry. Companies are encouraged to recognize female employees, work to be more inclusive workplaces, give back to their communities and more.

This year, Women in Construction Week takes place March 3-9. Events begin with a virtual kickoff on Sunday, March 3, with virtual panels and regional events taking place throughout the week. The 2024 theme is ‘Keys to the Future,’ celebrating the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry.

Diversity in the workforce is shown to financially benefit companies as well as people. A report from McKinsey & Company demonstrated a 35% higher likelihood of financial returns in companies with racial and ethnic diversity compared to the respective industry mean, and companies with gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective industry means.

Modigent delivers sustainable solutions from coast to coast with the help of diverse teams across numerous specialty companies under the Modigent brand. The innovative, intelligent problem solvers that these companies employ leverage their unique backgrounds and expertise to make positive impacts on their local communities.

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