Modigent Delivers Impressive Q1 2024 Update with Focus on Strategic Expansion and Digital Innovation

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, May 16, 2024 / — Today, Modigent, a national leader in infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions, released its latest quarterly update, featuring a dynamic interview with CEO Dan Bueschel, hosted by award-winning journalist Carey Peña. Broadcasting from the Center for Positive Media, the update highlights Modigent’s outstanding growth and strategic initiatives that are shaping the industry.


“Our people make our company successful, and therefore, we invest appropriately in their development and growth.”

— Daniel Bueschel, CEO of Modigent


Dan Bueschel shared key achievements and insights from the first quarter of 2024 including:

• Record-Breaking Sales Growth: “January saw Modigent’s sales double the monthly average over the previous year, reaching $60 million,” Bueschel reported, attributing this surge to “strong market demand and strategic anticipation of major sector tailwinds.”

• Sales Force Expansion: Modigent has increased its sales team by 30% this year and introduced an 8-month masterclass to sharpen the skills.

• Sustainability Initiatives: Bueschel highlighted the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, including a new hybrid EV program and a comprehensive carbon study to optimize fleet management.

• Digital Transformation: Modigent is making significant digital investments, including the rollout of a unified tech stack and the development of a data infrastructure aimed at enhancing business insights through AI.

Bueschel passionately described the company’s philosophy: “Our people make our company successful, and therefore, we invest appropriately in their development and growth.” He emphasized that maintaining and enhancing company culture is pivotal as Modigent grows, ensuring that “the culture is scalable to the next 500 million.”

The video is available now and provides an inside look at Modigent’s core operations and strategic vision. To watch the full discussion and learn more about Modigent’s innovative approach, click here.

About Modigent:

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Modigent, LLC is revolutionizing infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions across America. With a commitment to service, collaboration, and integrity, Modigent continues to lead with cutting-edge solutions and a robust growth trajectory. For more information, visit

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Modigent Update – Q1 2024